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Ada Bashiri, Lead Teacher

Ayda Bashiri, Lead Teacher



Born and raised in Georgia, Ayda Bashiri has lived in various cities around the state her whole life; however, she always retreats back to East Atlanta, the place that has her heart. She lived in Milledgeville, GA for a good portion of her adult life and pursued her bachelors and masters at Georgia College and State University. Creative by nature, she received her undergraduate degree in English/Creative Writing but fell most in love with the classroom setting while teaching poetry to 7th graders as a senior. Since 2010, Ayda has been in and out of conventional and unconventional classrooms, finding most passion in helping students who need a boost in confidence when it comes to finding their place in society.

Ayda currently lives in Reynoldstown with her cat Indiana. In her free time, she loves to create, no matter the outlet- writing, sculpting, painting, drawing, sewing, etc. She has read and reread the Harry Potter series more times than she can count, and loves researching and learning about all things grand, whether real or fictional. But most of all and most importantly, Ayda loves to learn from her students, and finds extreme joy in the fact that each day exposes something new about the younger generation.

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