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Shayla Tumbling, Health Education Specialist

Shayla’s core mission supports people reconnecting with their personal power by improving their emotional health & self-image. She is dedicated to emotional wellness, advocacy, humanitarianism, and re-alignment. A major aspect of her life’s work is to educate people in understanding historical, cultural, generational trauma; the impact it has on our daily functioning and supporting them in developing solutions and healing the trauma in order to have a healthier more fulfilling quality of life.


As an Emotional Wellness Empowerment Consultant Shayla supports her clients in developing a healthy balanced relationship with themselves and with others.  Her mentorship, coaching, and educational style are integrative & holistic.


Shayla was Created & Cultivated in the Deep South. Mississippi. She received her formal education and training in psychology and English with a B.A. from MS State University, an M.S. in Mental Health Counseling from MS College and doctorate training in Counseling Psychology from TN State University. She loves traveling and integrating her life work & passion for experiencing the world and various cultures. She’s a Humanitarian Ambassador for a non-profit organization which specializes in Trauma Outreach & Prevention work and has participated in several mission outreaches to Haiti.


In her free time you can usually find her: reading, traveling, laughing, watching movies, or spending time with loved ones. She loves to have fun, relax, try new activities, and do anything that allows her to be blissful. Shayla lives such a magical and joy-filled life. She works daily to remain positive and experience the beauty in living; and she desires nothing more than share a little bit of her magic with you.



From My Heart to Yours


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