Future Foundation Atlanta

Growing Up at the Reef House

The Reef House Learning Center isn’t just a place where underserved children can go after school. It’s a place that provides an atmosphere that encourages and rewards academic excellence. A place where students can take advantage of opportunities for physical, performing and visual arts activity. A place where they can grow up surrounded by a nurturing support network.

Sam is one such student. He started going to Reef House when he was in fifth grade and quickly learned how to use a computer. Today, Sam is a senior in high school—and has gone from using computers to play games to using them to work on projects for his Advanced Placement (AP) classes. He recently looked back at his Reef House experience.

“From helping you work on basic skills to helping find scholarships, Future Foundation provides resources for students to achieve greatness,” he says. Noting that high schoolers can take advantage of college tours and fairs, PSAT/SAT/ACT assistance and career planning through the Reef Teen Center’s College 4 Careers program, Sam points out that “Future Foundation is truly trying to help students become college- career ready.”

Whether it’s a fifth grader looking for help with school work or a high school student looking for assistance navigating college applications, Future Foundation has a program to help them move ahead.

As Sam put it, “I guess their name doesn’t disappoint.”

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