Future Foundation Atlanta

Leader Earl Johnson

Earl Johnson – Director of the Office of Family Assistance (OFA)

As Director of the Office of Family Assistance (OFA) under the Administration for Children and Families, Earl Johnson has seen his fair share of youth development programs. However, there is something about Future Foundation that has left a lasting impression with him. With Future Foundation having been a grantee of OSF for approximately eight years, Mr. Johnson and his agency have had the opportunity to watch Future Foundation grow. According to him, “Future Foundation has been able to successfully come into a community with deep need and grow from a one house-based program to an extensive community-wide operation.”

During a recent site visit, Mr. Johnson got the opportunity to experience Future Foundation in action. He describes it as an “intense” day, during which he was able to observe various program activities, meet with the staff and watch as a line of parents anxiously awaited to enroll their children into one of the organization’s numerous programs.

Mr. Johnson believes that one of the reasons Future Foundation has been so successful is because it has had steady leadership throughout its existence. While he admits that the organization has suffered from some challenges common to mid-sized youth development organizations, he believes they have managed those challenges well – employing a solid business plan which keeps the organization accountable to its goals. Additionally, Mr. Johnson believes Future Foundation has been a good steward of federal resources, which has helped it remain competitive over the years.

In all, Mr. Johnson describes Future Foundation’s work as “groundbreaking”, because the organization has “solidified its position within a community of high need, using a comprehensive strategy that targets the whole family”.

“Future Foundation feels like a place of hope and opportunity”, he says. “It’s a well-rounded, thoughtful and growing organization that has shown itself to be both innovative and strategic.”