Future Foundation Atlanta

How We Do It


Our Theory of Change

We seek to improve the life chances of youth through a five point wrap-around strategy which incorporates relationship skill development, academic enrichment, family supports, life skills building, and health education. Our students receive support in their everyday environments – during school, after school, and in the home.

Poverty binds you with low expectations, fear, and helplessness, further alluring youth into gang violence or substance abuse in the face of despair. Youth aren’t the only ones who struggle with these issues — often, their parents do as well. Thankfully, they’re tough and resilient – and we have their backs.

Our programs fight the poverty cycle on all fronts, combating low expectations and preparing our youth to stand out.

Our 5 points for success are:

Life Skills


Our five-point, color-coded star visually represents our theory of change. You’ll see the colors in the Theory of Change directly correspond with the colors in the Poverty Wheel. By viewing our interactive video, you’ll better understand how our programs are addressing specific issues triggered by poverty.

See our interactive video