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futurefoundation_5star_web_150x150NEW3We seek to improve the life chances of youth through a five point wrap-around strategy.
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Why It Matters

Research tells us the effects of poverty on youth can be devastating.
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support_homepage_graphic_150x150What you do next really matters – join with us to change lives.
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Marc Becker Where do you live? I live in Kennesaw, Georgia. What is your current job? What does it involve? Merchandising Vice President – D30 Millwork, The Home Depot. I’m responsible for the strategy and sales for Home Depot’s millwork department.  How did you learn about Future Foundation? Through the Partnership with Home Depot’s Foundation. […]



• We coach youth on the things that drive success and pull kids out of poverty.

• We crush myths.

• We build relationships of trust and safety.

• We trigger personal growth and learning.

• We build confidence and desire to succeed.

• We neutralize negative influences.