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  • Real Talk ATL
  • In order to take control of their futures, teens need to make healthy choices about their bodies. Real Talk ATL gives teens a safe place at school to discuss things that aren’t always easy to talk about: dating, relationships, and sex.

    Though the topics are more social than academic, our underlying message here is the same as our overarching mission: To help kids envision a successful future that lives outside the poverty cycle and beyond low expectations. Each person has the power to make the right choices for themselves and their bodies, and to develop healthy, respectful relationships with their peers. We make sure our students understand that. Participants meet 2-3 times per week during the school day.

    See a summary of program outcomes included in our 2014 Annual Report.


  • Fitness Unlocking Nutrition (F.U.N.)
  • It’s hard to stay fit. Where our kids grow up, fast food is often far cheaper and more accessible than groceries. A healthy lifestyle requires real commitment.

    Our F.U.N. program helps combat childhood obesity and its long-term health risks by teaching kids to take care of their bodies with physical activity and a balanced diet. From basketball to yoga, our trained physical education experts help our students see the fun side of an active lifestyle while showing them simple ways to maintain a balanced diet.

    • horseback riding
    • basketball
    • biking
    • yoga
    • wall climbing
    • rollerblading
    • soccer
    • cooking basic healthy meals and nutritious treats


  • Reef House Afterschool Program Learning Centers
  • The Reef House Learning Center is a supervised and secure environment where our students receive the foundation, skills and support to maximize their potential.

    Opened in 2004, 6th and 7th grade students come to our learning center for rigorous academic coaching and exposure to the sea of possibilities. We ask a lot of our kids, but we know the extra work is what it takes for them to succeed academically and create dreams

    The Details

    Future Foundation is the lead organization, primary partner and sponsor of the 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC) Program, under Title IV, Part B of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, as amended by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. The 21st CCLC are defined as centers that offer academic, artistic, and cultural enrichment opportunities to students (in grades 4-12) and their families when school is not in session. The purpose of the program is to increase students’ academic achievement, increase positive student behavior, engage adult family members, and establish and maintain partnerships and collaborative relationships. The program is aligned with Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS) and funded by the Georgia Department of Education.

    See our latest program outcomes here or a summary included in our 2014 Annual Report.

    Click the below links to access our Future Foundation Afterschool – 21st CCLC program handbooks:

    RHLC Parent/Student Handbook
    McNair Parent/Student Handbook
    Staff Handbook


  • Reef House Afterschool Program Teen Centers
  • As students get older, they transition from the Reef House to the Reef Teen Center, which focuses on academic support, drop-out prevention and offers transitional support for 8th and 9th grade students entering high school. Our work opens students’ eyes to their future possibilities.

    Students come to our teen center to further build their academic skills and participate in student-centered learning activities that identify their talents. Opened in partnership with the City of College Park in 2007, the Reef Teen Center is located inside the Wayman and Bessie Brady Recreation Center in College Park and operates from 3-8:00 p.m. Monday-Friday. For directions, contact us.

    At a third site, 11th -12th graders participate in College4Careers (C4C), a component of our teen center. C4C exposes students to higher education and career path options. We go on college tours, discuss career paths, complete college applications and work to create a full vision of society for our students – so they can picture themselves in it. Best of all, we graduate 100% of our participating seniors.

    See our latest program outcomes here or a summary included in our 2014 Annual Report.

    Click the below links to access our Future Foundation Afterschool – 21st CCLC program handbooks:

    RHTC Parent/Student Handbook
    BHTC Parent/Student Handbook
    McNair TC Parent/Student Handbook
    Staff Handbook


  • Parent Connect
  • Many of our students’ parents face a steep set of challenges themselves. Through our parent connect program, we let parents know we have their backs. Our professionals provide expert advice on child-rearing and communications to help create a home environment of loving support.

    Parent Connection improves parental effectiveness by providing:

    • Clear parenting philosophy.
    • Positive parenting skills.
    • Strategies to immediately address child-rearing challenges.

    Research has shown that these programs:

    • Increase parental confidence and strengthen families.
    • Reduce stress and anxiety and child behavior problems.
    • Improve child self-esteem and academic performance.

    See a summary of program outcomes included in our 2014 Annual Report.


  • Low-Performing Feeder Pattern (LPFP) Strategy
  • Our low-performing feeder pattern strategy pilot called the “College Park Enrichment Collaborative” (CPEC) serves residents of the Banneker High School Feeder Area and College Park Opportunity Zone who have limited access to culturally appropriate, systemic, and sustained enrichment services for youth and adults leading to jobs, medical homes and pathways out of poverty. We (1) provide academic enrichment services to middle and high school students to reduce the dropout rate and provide career and job readiness through CPEC Youth Club; (2) link families of targeted College Park middle and high school students to medical homes, jobs, and enrichment services by creating the College Park People’s University; and 3) provide College Park middle and high school students and their families with holistic academic and career enrichment opportunities linked to summer jobs in STEM and green technology fields.

    Partners include Siemens Corporation, Willie J. Freeman College Park Regional Health Center, Fulton County Office of Workforce Development, Woodland Middle School, Banneker High School, and Youth Enhancement Services.

    To learn more, visit Our Collective Impact Model page or view our community needs assessment.