Future Foundation Atlanta

Why It Matters


For youth growing up in the communities immediately south of Atlanta, life can be tough. Unlike communities on the north side, the area we serve has seen little growth over the years. The imbalance has resulted in limited economic opportunity overall. This is most evident in the poverty rate; in 2010, it reached 24% in South Fulton County. Meaning, 1 in 4 families in South Fulton live below the poverty line.

Research tells us the effects of poverty on children can be devastating. More often than not, children absorb the stress associated with their parents’ endless struggle to “get by”. Such stress has been known to slow mental and cognitive development and even result in emotional trauma, all of which continue into adulthood. Children who live in poverty are less likely to graduate high school or enroll in college, yet more are likely to suffer from chronic disease or be victims of violence.


The obstacles and challenges faced by youth like the ones we serve at Future Foundation are so numerous they can be overwhelming at times. But through our work, we are reminded daily of the boundless potential that exists within our youth. We know if they are resilient, supported, and tough – they can graduate from high school healthy and prepared for a post-secondary institution.

Our work matters. The more our youth are educated, the more likely they are to break the cycle of poverty, contribute significantly to our economy, and build a healthy family. 

Our five-point, color-coded star visually represents our theory of change. You’ll see the colors in the Theory of Change directly correspond with the colors in the Poverty Wheel. By viewing our interactive video, you’ll better understand how our programs are addressing specific issues triggered by poverty.

See our interactive video