Together, we are leveling the playing field for youth caught in a cycle of generational poverty by serving as a Second Family, providing exposure to new experiences, and reinforcing the skills needed to thrive in adulthood.

Future Foundation is continuing to provide consistency, support, and unconditional love to our staff, students, and families who need us more than ever before.


Our students are relying on us, their Second Family, to provide a loving, hopeful, and supportive environment in what feels like a scary and overwhelming time. We are maintaining core business hours from 8:00 a.m.—5:00p.m. Monday through Friday so that we can continue to connect with students, families, and school leaders and evaluate needs in real-time. 


Through this work, two clear needs have emerged thatFuture Foundation is moving to swiftly address and we are turning to you, our Second Family for your support


1) EDUCATION: Supporting our students as they navigate the world of virtual learning to maintain their academic progress.

2) PREVENTING HUNGER: Connecting our students to healthy meals that they would have otherwise received at school so they don’t go hungry. 


To meet these critical needs, we are going to need your help.


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