Future Foundation Atlanta


Jackie Reeves


When Jackie Reeves first attended the Future Foundation parent orientation back in 2009, she was simply looking for a safe place to send her children after school, where youth received homework support, and maybe some physical education.  What she heard and saw that day far exceeded her expectations. Specifically, she remembers being impressed with the range of programs offered, as well as the quality of the staff who all seemed “well educated, but also relatable.”  Jackie immediately saw a fit, and decided to register her daughter and son right away.

Since enrolling her children at Future Foundation, Jackie has seen fairly significant changes in them.  For instance, her son, who has long been identified as academically gifted, despite is abilities, “hated school”.  Jackie says that today, her son is significantly more engaged at school.  “They have helped him see a different side”, she says of Future Foundation staff.  Jackie has also seen impressive improvements in her daughter’s grades, particularly in the areas of math and science, two subjects in which she has struggled for years.

Aside from the academic supports, Jackie feels that her family has benefited from the life skills training as well.  She’s especially a fan of Future Foundation’s RealTalk ATL program which she says, “addresses issues that old fashioned parents find difficult to speak about.” She feels that the parent workshops through RealTalk have helped her to “get out of my shell in talking with my children about sensitive issues like relationships and bullying.”  Similar workshops offered through Parent Connect have helped her to more effectively communicate with her children.  She believes that her willingness to listen more has caused her daughter to be more comfortable discussing peer pressures that have emerged at school and with friends.

Aside from the impact Future Foundation has had on her relationship with her children, Jackie has individually benefited from financial workshops which she feels have helped her become more “financially savvy”.  Just as important, Jackie says the classes have given her the confidence she needs to pursue her dream of purchasing her own home, which she believes she’ll be able to achieve in the near future.

Jackie’s story is just one example of how Future Foundation is working to strengthen families through wrap-around programming aimed at developing parents and children individually, while helping them grow together.